01. Last year their company was having some trouble, but since they tried a new marketing strategy their business has been [thriving].
02. We found a sickly cat that didn't have any owners, and after getting proper food and attention for a few days, it really began to [thrive].
03. All the vegetables in my garden are doing poorly, but the weeds are certainly [thriving].
04. Joan is always changing jobs because she totally [thrives] on a challenge.
05. Mosquitoes [thrive] in areas where there is stagnant water.
06. This plant [thrives] in areas that get little sun.
07. Our son was always sick while we were living on the coast, but when we moved to the desert, the dry climate was much better for his health, and he really [thrived].
08. Someone once remarked that news reporters [thrive] on the world's misfortune.
09. Two thousand years ago, the ancient Roman city of Pompeii was a [thriving] commercial port of 20,000 people.
10. Mussels can [thrive] in polluted water because of their ability to purify bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
11. Our business has a very strong local market that keeps us [thriving].
12. In New Zealand, although the Maori are now a minority, their culture still [thrives].
13. Shipbuilding has been a [thriving] industry in Scotland since the 1800s.
14. The Indus culture [thrived] in eastern Pakistan and western India between 2,500 and 1,800 B.C.
15. Monkeys and baboons [thrive] in the rural regions of Uganda.
16. Scientists in Uganda have developed varieties of corn that are more resistant to disease, and actually [thrive] in soil that is poor in nitrogen.
17. Many immigrants to Andorra are attracted by the country's [thriving] economy with its lack of income taxes.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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